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Probe Sanjay Khobragade , Gondia Murder and Police Torture of Devkabai – ACJP urged to UN High Commissioner

  • Date: 9th June 2014
  • Venue: Gondia

The delegation included National President Nagsen Sonare and governing body member Rashtrapal Boudh.  India’s commitment to start monitoring mechanism for implementation of various human rights acts and rules is yet to be implemented and hoped that India will do so before third periodic review in 2016. Mr. Varhade urged civil society and UN member states ,SC and ST Commission and NHRC not to turn blind eye to the suffering of 300 million marginalized and underprivileged scheduled caste and scheduled tribes if India to progress and reach the status of superpower as has been claimed by our Prime Ministers.

India is one of the earliest signatory to all the UN Human Rights treaties and time and again reiterated in Universal Periodic Review I and II in 2008 and 2012(UPR-I & II) to initiate immediate urgent effective steps to combat caste atrocities and punish the culprits to establish justice and peace so that to have deterrent effect on the psyche of other perperators.

The data suggests that everyday two murders and six rapes of SC/ST men, women and children takes place in India and real conviction is hardly 3 to 5 % due to bias of police in purposely keeping loopholes in FIR and investigation, apathy of administration and disinterest of prosecutors in the atrocity cases. This is the violation of right to life with dignity and other human rights enshrined in the Constitution of India and UN human rights instruments.

ACJP narrated horrific stories of several recent cases of caste base human rights violations in India which have been widely reported in the national print and electronic media. Some of them are Sanjay Khobragade Gondia(murder caste), Nitin Aage Ahmednagar (murder case) , gang rape and murder of two teenage girls of Badayun,Utter Pradesh, Kidnapping and murder of Nitin Udage Pune distt and gang rape case of four teenage girls from Hisar district of Haryana State. ACJP brought to the attention of the United Nations the data of caste atrocities in India which is posted on the website of National Crime Record Bureau. During 2005- 2010(6yrs period)total 217077 cases of caste atrocities were registered in police stations allover India out of which 4724 were murders and 11678 were the rapes.Rest 200675 were the cases of other serious violations of caste atrocities like assault, burning, looting, kidnapping, abusing, humiliation and caste discrimination.

ACJP delegation led by Mr Yogesh Varhade , the founder president , informed United Nations High Commissioner that this is not the only isolated incident. Everyday, hundreds of cases of caste atrocities are taking place allover India which includes murders, rapes, burning, assault, abuse and discrimination and in 90 % of the cases, FIR is not registered by the police in order to protect the culprits and humiliate and demoralize the victims. India’s Home Minister Mr.P Chidambaram while replying to the debate in parliament on caste atrocities on 19-8-2010 , admitted that most of the cases of caste atrocities are not registered by the police.

Ambedkar Center for Justice and Peace(ACJP) today met the office of United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights high Commissioner Madam Navanethem Pillay and submitted a memorandum and urged to probe urgently and ask India to punish real culprits of Sanjay Khobragade murder and falsely implicating Devkabai, wife of Sanjay khobragade and Raju Gadpaile a village rickshaw pooler in the ghastly inhuman incident of burning alive Sanjay on the early morning of 17th May 2014.Mr Khobragade named all six accused village politically powerful people in a dying declaration in front of electronic and print media on the same of day of burning to local channel Lord Buddha TV, Mee- Marathi and TV-9 .

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